(The qualifications mentioned are required to be from accredited/recognised institutes or universities of India1 OR equivalent qualifications from foreign educational institutes2.)

To be eligible for selection to the PhD programme, the candidate must be a citizen of India and hold at least one of the following qualifications:

  1. A Master’s level qualification3 in Design,
  2. A Bachelor’s level qualification in Design4 from NID,
    A minimum of 3 years of professional or teaching experience.
  3. Master’ s degree in Philosophy(eg, M.Phil) in Design
  4. Successful completion of Faculty Development Programme of NID
    of a similar program for the Design field of at least two years from any other recognised University.

Candidates who are scheduled to complete the final year of their qualifying examinations and are awaiting results are also eligible to apply for the PhD programme. In such cases, their candidature shall be provisional and confirmation of selection shall be subject to successful completion of the qualifying exams. Provisional acceptance will be confirmed only if the candidates secure the minimum grade/marks in their qualifying examination and submit its results to the Institute before the commencement of the programme. Failing this, the provisional status granted to such candidates shall automatically stand cancelled.

1For institutes other than NID, the expected performance in the qualifying degree program is
  • 55% marks in aggregate, or
  • grade 'B' in the UGC 7-point scale, or
  • an equivalent grade in other scales
2accredited by an assessment and accreditation agency which is approved, recognised or authorised by an authority established or incorporated under a law in its home country or any statutory authority in that country for the purpose of assessing, accrediting, or assuring quality and standards of educational institutions.
3This to include the following: i) a Master of Design degree, ii) NID’s PGDPD diploma, iii) NID’s AEP diploma, iv) NID’s 5-5½ year SLPEP diploma, v) A Masters degree in Architecture, Fine Arts, or Applied Arts and having a graduate or postgraduate degree, in Design
4This is to include the following: : i) a Bachelor of Design degree from NID, ii) NID’s GDPD diploma, iii) NID’s 4 year SLPEP diploma